We are just a normal family who have been called to care for the orphan through foster care with the state.

We are Chad and Kelsey! We have been married for 5 years, we have three bio kids, and we have had 10 kids in our home through our 3.5 years of fostering.

Our Story…

We met on a mission trip to Thailand to help serve with a ministry that prevents children from being sold into the sex trade. Shortly after we got back from our trip, we started dating. 5 months later we were engaged, 3 months later married, 2 months later felt called to foster care, and another month later found out we were expecting our first. We continued to pursue fostering, but waited to get serious until after our daughter was born. When she was three months old we started to get serious. We started our foster care classes, graduated three months later, and started our home study. We were given emergency approval so they could “just get some kids in our home!” Two days later we had our first placement. Two months later, we found out we were expecting our second! A year and a half later, we found out about our third! As you can tell… we like to move quickly through things!

Our Mission…

We very much feel called to care for the orphan of our community. Not all children we have cared for are technically orphans, but we believe they are all the same in God’s eyes, especially since the state is no suitable parent. We also very much feel called to normalize fostering. We want to demystify foster care and help those around us see that normal, everyday families can foster and do amazing at it.

Our Goal for this Blog…

We hope and pray that this is a place that we can share open and honestly about the highs and lows of our lives. That people who are fostering can come here and know they aren’t alone. That people considering fostering can come here and find out about the realness of it all. That people who have never even thought about the amazing need that is out there in foster care can find out ways they too can help out.

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