Sometimes I’m the mom that feels on top of the world! The mom that was able to comfort this little guy while making a healthy dinner for our family. The mom that was able to handle 4 kids 4 and under like a pro that day. The mom that had a good day. The mom that was actually able to vacuum, sweep, AND clean out the fridge that day.

Then other times I’m the mom literally crying at the register at Target with 3 of the 4 kids LOSING IT as my card gets declined and I’m on the phone with WIC and they’re saying it’s Target’s fault that they’re not taking my WIC card for my foster sons special formula, while Target is saying it is WIC’s fault. All after I’ve spent 2 hours on the phone already this morning between the doctors office and the WIC office and eventually being assured by all that everything is squared away and I can go get his formula.

Be careful of your judgements. I know I’ve been one to judge others in line in front of me using WIC while holding a cup of Starbucks and wrangling multiple kids… “well maybe if you didn’t have Starbucks so often you could afford formula” or “maybe if you didn’t have so many kids you could afford to feed them all”… as much as it disgusts me to admit I’ve thought those things, luckily they’ve always been followed up with the thought that “there’s more to the story than I know and can see right now”. And now I am the one with more to the story. Could I have just sucked it up and spent the $179 of my own money to buy the formula? Yes. But that isn’t the point. Would it have been less embarrassing? You bet. And I seriously considered it just to get away from the looks, the judgement and the attention I was getting.

Be careful of your judgements. That mom in line in front of you with the kids acting perfectly, buying whatever her heart desires, makeup done and hair all cute with a beautiful smile on her face. Those thoughts of “Man… she’s got it all together” or “if only my kids acted like that life would be great” or “if I had the money to buy all of that I’d be happy” can be oh so dangerous. There is always more to the story. She may have been that same mom you saw in tears at the register the day before.

And just a little tip… in case you ever need it and to hopefully save you some time, energy and effort… you can’t use your WIC card at self check out, and Target doesn’t have all of the WIC approved formulas in they’re system, so you may have to leave and go try another store. It worked for me at Walmart… and now I have the freaking formula for my foster son. 💙

And… be careful of your judgements.😘

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